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Brief info

Development is important and can not be stopped. With Fun & Snow I try to create a product that always adapts to the needs of my guests and partners. I like to exchange new ideas with everyone.
I'm in the same way as ski guide and ski instructor. Everyone can learn to ski and I'm always looking for the best way to teach everyone in his way. In order to stay ahead of the times, I work as a course conductor for the Vorarlberg Ski Instructor Association.
As a ski guide and ski instructor I'm trying to be ahead of the safety standards. In particular, when I leave from the secured areas with guests, safety comes first.

“As long as we have dreams, we are a live. We are a live, as long as dreams give us hope. There is hope, as long as we are not afraid of the future. The future is in our hands. Let’s don’t dream it, let’s live it. Let our dreams come true.”

Wolfgang Schmidt

  • State certified ski instructor
  • State certified ski guide