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Season Preparation

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Fitness Training

In cooperation with the physiotherapist Claus Fischer, we have developed a program to prepare yourself for the demands of skiing. With an optimal preparation you can better enjoy moving in the mountains.  Less physical restrictions if you want to do another powder run or if you want to climb a longer skitter. No more compromises! And at the end of the day you are still in a good shape to witness the mountain life.

The program is for 2-4 days of training a week. A training session should take about 45 minutes. There are three exercise groups (circles) and a mix of balance exercises.

The circle training works mostly without additional training equipment. All the necessary requirements can be found in every common household. The only thing you might need to buy is a Theraband.

Instructions for the circular training:

  1. Choose one circle (Mix it up!). One circle takes about 45 minutes.
  2. There are three rounds in each circle. Repeat each round:
    • Easy – 3 times before you start with the next.
    • Medium – 4 times before you start with the next.
    • Difficult – 5 times before you start with the next.
  3. Each round includes 3 exercise. Repeat each exercise:
    • Easy – 10 times.
    • Medium – 15 times.
    • Difficult – 20 times.
  4. Take a brake between each exercise of:
    • Easy – 60 seconds.
    • Medium – 45 seconds.
    • Difficult – 30 seconds.


Fitness Training

The difference to the circular training is that you need additional equipment for balance training. For this reason we offer it separately from the circuit training. Everyone can decide for themselves whether and how to buy the training equipment.

The following things we recommend:

  • Airex
  • Balanceboard
  • Pedalo
  • Togu Dynair
  • Togu Medicin Ball
  • Thieme Halfball Plus
  • Coordination Manager

Instructions for the balance training:

  1. Choose three exercises.
  2. Repeat each exercise:
    • Easy – 10 times or hold it for 1 minute as one sequence.
    • Medium – 15 times or hold it for 2 minutes as one sequence.
    • Difficult – 20 times or hold it for 3 minutes as one sequence.
  3. Take a brake after every sequence of:
    1. Easy – 60 seconds.
    2. Medium – 45 seconds.
    3. Difficult – 30 seconds.
  4. Do each exercise sequence:
    1. Easy – 3 times in a row before you start with the next exercise.
    2. Medium – 4 times in a row before you start with the next exercise.
    3. Difficult – 5 times in a row before you start with the next exercise.

For all those who like to have someone by their side or who find the program too difficult to understand, of course we also offer a personal training. Weekly we organize the program for you. The support will be always available to answer your questions.

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