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Official Badges

It is very hard to figure out what the quality of a ski instructor | ski guide | mountain guide is. In Austria we have three training stages for ski instructor. The highest and the last qualification is the “Staatl. Skilehrer” (ski instructor). On top of it they can be qualified as “Staatl. Skiführer” (ski guide) with a separate course and certificate. Just with that qualification is it possible to be a self employed ski instructor and to get the concession from the Office of the Vorarlberg Provincial Government today. All of us have to label their uniforms with the quality mark of the “Staatl. Skilehrer und Skiführer” and the official badges for the concession.

Find more informations: Land Vorarlberg

It is easier with the mountain guides. The have just one qualification and at the end when they pass all the exams the get the certificate as “IFMGA | UIAGM | IVBV”. With the mountain guides is it the same as with the ski instructor. They also have to label their uniforms with the official badges of the “IFMGA | UIAGM | IVBV” when they wanna work as a self employed mountain guide.

Find more informations: Land Vorarlberg

Fun&Snow is working only ski instructor and ski guides with these qualifications. All of them have label their uniform with the official badges as quality mark.

Find more informations: Team

Ski Instructor And Ski Guide Badge
Ski Instructor and Ski Guide Badge
Mountain Guide Logo

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