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The best snow schools in Austria

The Award

Ridestore Magazine Press Release, 12th February 2020

“Fun&Snow Lech are here to offer you the best possible mountain experience. In a stress free, pressure free and fun filled environment, Fun&Snow will ensure the highest level tuition for any and all levels. With a whole host of glowing reviews from previous guests, you know you are in great hands for ski and snowboard tuition and guiding.”

Best Ski Schools

Fun&Snow Ski School in Lech has been featured as one of the best ski schools in Austria by Ridestore Magazine. Ridestore compiled an ultimate list of the best ski schools in Austria for the 2019/2020 season, after all, the season is slowly coming to its end and it is time to book the yearly spring ski holidays! The team at Ridestore thought it was about time someone put together a list of all the ski schools in the best and busiest resorts in Austria to make life a little easier for those frantically searching for an exceptional experience.

This list was created to try and take a little of the stress out of selecting the right ski school for you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time skier, an intermediate looking to rid yourself of bad habits or a seasoned rider who loved to learn the latest tricks and tips, it’s vital you find the right fit for you.

This ultimate list of the best ski schools rewards the schools who put their best foot (or ski boot) forward at all times and ensure first-time and novice skiers and snowboarders, well riders of all levels have a fantastic experience on and off the slopes! The right instructor and ski school experience can make or break a trip after all, and our annual (or if you are lucky, bi-annual) ski trip is sacred and maximising your time is essential.


“Searching for a ski school, particularly in Austria where there are so many in each resort, can be a little stressful, only adding to the to-do list further when booking a mountain adventure. Then if you want to advance your skills, in more specific niches, finding the right fit ski school wise, can be quite a challenge,” stated Angelica Sykes from Ridestore Magazine.

“There are lots of things to consider when booking a ski holiday, and choosing the right ski school is one that always proves challenging. Therefore with this list, we wanted to make the booking process that bit easier, so you can get on with planning the rest of your trip” continued Angelica Sykes.

To read the full entry about Fun&Snow Ski School in Lech, please visit the Magazine.

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