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Developments of the weather

Future of the snowsport in the Alps

Yes, there is a climate change happening and we want come around to deal with it. But there is a really emotional discussion about it and many people have a dramatic opinion to it. We think, it is very difficult for the weather services to give a correct forecast for the next few days, because our climate is so complex. How can it be, that some researcher have the idea to tell us, how the climate will be in 10, 15, 20 years, if it is so hard to make a correct forecast for just a few days. It is a really complex theme and there are to many variables, they still can make a difference, how the snow trends will be in the future in the alps.

We don’t want to have a climate discussion. It is true, that there are some big changes happening. But we wanna show you, that there is no reason for a panic, that we can’t ski in 10 years. We want to open your eyes and encourage a respectful treatment of our nature. Help us and make sure that the climate change doesn’t end up in a dramatic way. Save resources, for example with a Skitour. Reduce and take your garbage with you, when ever you are in the nature! But it is not just the time here in the alps, where you can do something for a better environment. Every little change in your behavior, will help the nature.

Find out more about how the snow trends in the Alps has been in recent years. It tells you more about the truth, without any variables. Günther Aigner analyzed the official climate data in the alpine region over the longest possible periods. Watch the video of the Forum Zukunft Skisport.

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