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Snowsport teaching are our products where our instructor teaches you all about skiing, snowboarding or Telemark skiing. Everybody finds here the right product and gets the right instructor no matter if you have never skied before or you are an expert skier, if you are a kid, teenager or an adult. Our special offer for all refresher helps all, they had a longer break of skiing, an injury or a bad skiing accident.

Lessons for all techniques - Alpin Skiing | Snowboarding | Telemark Skiing

All of the ski instructors have the highest qualification in Austria. Snowsport lessons can be completely customized to you and your ability. You tell us what you wanna learn and the ski instructor chooses from the complete program the right exercises and hints. You benefit down the line.

The highest qualification for perfect customized lessons

Your ski instructor knows that you have skiing holidays and it is not all about teaching drill. With the right methods we teach you so that you still have time to enjoy skiing and our great winter mountain scenery. Improve your technique that it cost you just a smile to ski wherever you like.

Get more informations to the snowsport teaching methods:

  1. Skiing
  2. Snowboarding
  3. Telemarking

All Lesson Products

  • Expert Snowsport Lesson
  • Advanced Snowsport Lesson
  • Beginner Snowsport Lesson

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