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Avalanche Rescue Skills

The companion rescue procedure training is really important, when you leave the protected ski area. The chance to have an avalanche accident is rising up and you should be prepared for those situations. No matter if you go Freeriding, Ski Touring or Heli Skiing with a ski guide or on your own, the mountains are not asking if you are a professional mountain guide. Avalanches can happen to everyone. Mostly it is just a thin line between staying safe or releasing an avalanche.

Fun&Snow want to prepare you as good as possible for every situation and train this procedure with you until you can do it with closed eyes. The rescue training video are the chance for you to prepare yourself for our joint training. Watch those videos as long as possible to learn every single step.

Get more informations about companion rescue: Avalanche Canada

The companion rescue skills are just one part of all the thinks we can do, to make our freeride days saver. Get all informations about the avalanche situation from the Avalanche Report. Read the Weather Report on our website. Take both informations to plan your day. Learn more how to interpret the avalanche informations. Read the following posts to inform you, how to read the signs on the snow .

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