Backcountry Equipment

If you talk about off-piste skiing with some expert skier, most people think of powder skiing in the first moment . But there is more than just powder skiing. There is mogul skiing, névé skiing in spring, ski touring and many more variations. But most of the time the snow is not as compact as on groomed runs or your binding doesn’t allow you to hike with it. For that reason most skier choose other ski’s, poles and boots. You will get all informations about it in all our lokal sport shops. They advise you on the choice of your ski depending on what you like to do.

But more important than another ski, pole or boot, is the safety equipment you need, when you leave the slopes. The off-piste terrain will not be protected from avalanches by the resort. For that reason you need to have a transceiver, shovel, probe and a backpack to fit all that stuff into it.

In the following video we explain you, what you are really need and what you have to look for, when you buy your own stuff.

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