Daily Situation

Get all informations about the avalanche situation from the Avalanche report. It is the central tool, that helps us to inform us about the daily snowpack structure, snow problems and danger patterns. In addition to it all guides have to make their own assessment of each section of the terrain on these points, before they ski that run. In unsafe cases, they even make a snow profile.

As a supplement, please read the Weather report on our website. Take both informations to plan your day. To get the daily report to your mobile device subscribe at:

Land Vorarlberg

Daily Avalanche Report

Learn more how to interpret the avalanche report informations. With the daily briefing of your guide in the morning you can learn it through practical use. There will be also a teaching during your skiing day. For a summary or to get more information read the following posts:

Danger Scale

The official danger level for all avalanche reports and risk warnings in Europe.

Snow Problems

The five typical avalanche problems supplement the description of the danger level. These problems represent the hazardous terrain.

Danger Patterns

The danger patterns point to typical, repetitive and usually obvious danger situation. They immerse deeper into the process within the snowpack.

Avalanche Size

You get a description of the different avalanche size and how you can classified them.

Complete your knowledge with the Companion Rescue Skills to make our freeride days saver. The training will be part of your private ski guiding. We try to do it at least one time during your stay in our resort.

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